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College Admissions Articles

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1. Getting Into College
Darra Clark's Top 5 Tips on what you need to do to get into a good school.

2. Standardized Tests: Fair or Unfair?
Many high school students believe that standardized testing is unfair because "not everyone has the same background."

3. Seniors: Don't Slack Off!
When Chris S. got a letter from Notre Dame asking him why he had gotten Cās on his report card after he had already been accepted, he was unpleasantly surprised to say the least.

4. Selecting the RIGHT College
When a future employer reads your resume, are they going to care about where you went to college? The answer may suprise you. Once you get past your first job out of college, most employers give little consideration to the college name on your diploma.

5. The Keys to College Admission
What is at stake today is no less than career and economic opportunities that will last a lifetime.

6. Completing a Successful College Application
A quickie-quide to including all the right elements.

7. The Early Decision Admissions Process: Who Benefits?
Is Early Decision the right choice for you? Find out here.

8. Admission or Rejection
While the final decision is up to each college admission committee, applicants can do a great deal to prepare for success and avoid anxiety.

9. SAT Scores: You are more than just a number
Do numbers tell colleges who you are?

10. Community and Technical Colleges: Are They Right for You?
Is sometimes assumed that attending a community or technical colleges is 'easier' than attending a 4-year college or university. Not only is this false, the reverse is often true.

11. Matching College Characteristics
How to choose the traits that make a college right for you.

12. A Quickie Quide to Planning for College
Before you go any further, you need to ask yourself some important questions.

13. Study Tips to Help You Make the Grade
iHigh.com's student study expert's list of the top ten things you can to to help you study better to prepare for college.

14. College Life 101
A college freshman tells it how it is.

15. Study Now or Fail Later
College means study time. The question is: What does that mean?

  Articles 16 through 30>

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