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  Come To My Kollege!
By Brittany Griffin
iHigh.com Student Columnist

News Story 31846 Image It would seem logical that prestigious universities would make sure when they compose letters to entice future students to join their academic programs, they would be highly sophisticated and error-free, wouldn't it? ::laughs to self:: Of course it would, considering college propaganda is written by members of the illustrious faculty itself (at least that is my uneducated assumption) and serves as the sole correspondence between students and colleges until visitation is possible. But then again, my dear fellow high schoolers, logic is not always most prevalent in modern-day living.

It's now the end of the second semester of my senior year and I have grown to moan at the arrival of various college letters with their infamous mis-wordings, oversights, and other strange little occurrences. I've collected a few for your viewing pleasure, so that all the future inheritors of the senior status may understand the consequences of filling out all the little reply forms that colleges send.

These are things that were REALLY printed/included in college letters that I have received:

1). A well-respected women's college mails me a letter, telling me that it's a college for "prestigious young women" like myself. Then it asks me to tell them my sex in the reply letter.

2). Another college uses the typical form letter-type description of their campus to encourage me to visit: it's all beautiful, sunny, etc. Location of this gorgeous university? Chicago.

3). I've actually had a college letter misspell the word "college."

4). Another dean of admissions decided to get much more personal than I really cared to and slipped in a paragraph-long explication of how to properly pronounce his last name, should I ever get the chance to meet him.

5). First sentence on a college letter: "Open minded! That's the kind of people who consider (ha, like I'm going to tell you that) University!"

But these are only my few experiences. Surely there must be even more shameful mistakes out there. If you've seen any that you'd care to share, please send them along so that we can laugh along with you!

Article provided by iHigh.com

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